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Tax Troubles

Any client can be randomly selected for a "Compliance Audit," where Tax Authorities want to see how well tax policies are being adhered to. Taxpayers are not accused of any wrong-doings, but must substantiate the source of every income item reported and all deductions taken on their tax returns, as well as any tax credits claimed. Late payment and late filing of tax returns are the most common reasons the Tax Authorities send investigation notices to Taxpayers. In many cases, the Tax Authorities are actually wrong in their analysis of the submitted tax data, but must be responded to in order to avoid any further penalties & interest assessments.

Preparing un-filed tax returns and proposing a potential payment plan that meets the needs of both the Taxpayer and the Taxing Authorities are skills a competent Certified Public Accountant can provide. Steve is skilled at asking questions about a client's ability to pay and has the respect of both Federal (IRS) and State Agency Tax Revenue Officers. He has always worked to effectively assess his clients' positions and draft realistic payment plans that his clients can reasonably pay while satisfying the Tax Authorities' need for collection. Steve has been very successful in having many penalties & interest assessments waived, and is often able to generate TAX REFUNDS for his clients.


Mary A.

"Steve goes the extra mile to get to know his clients and build a relationship with them. He is conscientious of the IRS Code & systematic in his approach to his practice. He returns all calls same day and ensures that his clients are comfortable with his recommendations before proceeding. He has a talent for easing stress and anxiety for clients, no matter what their relationship is with the IRS. He is a trusted professional colleague of mine and I am comfortable referring clients to him.”


David D.

"As they say, talk is cheap. Where one places their money tells everyone who you really trust. Steven was the first accountant that I hired for my own taxes. The reason is simple: his expertise. Very few Certified Public Accountants have the willingness to discuss tax matters continually while keeping a mixture of professionalism, familiarity and compassion. However, that is not the end of the story. I have recommended Steven numerous times: to family, friends, clients, new business owners and any individual that is lost in the maze of the IRS. If one does not use a CPA, they are a penny wise and a pound foolish. If one does not use Steven, their loss may be ten-fold.”

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