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Steve's practice is built around one goal: to help his clients pay the least amount of Federal, State & Local income, sales and property taxes while adhering to all mandated tax laws, rules and regulations.

He accomplishes this goal by developing an intimate knowledge of each of his clients and applying pro-active tax strategies that are custom-tailored to each client's needs.

His differences can be explained through 3 key factors:

Deep Relationships

On-going client contact throughout the whole year, not just at "tax time," is essential to Steve's unique approach. To prepare for tax-filing time and ensure that he can minimize each client's tax exposure, Steve asks a lot of personal questions about his clients' business & personal lives - all under strict confidentiality and always without passing judgment. By actively posing questions & getting to know each client as an individual and not as a "number," Steve is better able to advise on tax strategies and planning. This open & frequent client contact is the key to Steve's ability to uniquely tailor advisory services and pro-actively address each client's tax situation.

Knowledge and Experience

A solid advocate of professional knowledge, ethics & standards, Steve participates in at least 50-60 hours of Professional Continuing Education hours each year, far in excess of the required 40 hours performed by most CPA's. This allows Steve to stay at the vanguard of tax trends & changes, helping clients to avoid potential pitfalls and maximize tax mitigation opportunities.

Trusted Reputation

As a licensed CPA for over 34 years & a member of the Rhode Island Society of CPA's (RISCPA) and the Rhode Island Association of Public Accountants (RIAPA), Steve's solid reputation is the result of many years of outstanding service to his clients. Steve does not sell investment or insurance products, ensuring that the advice he provides is unbiased and at "arm's length" with respect to each client's particular needs.

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25 Orchard Drive
Cranston, RI   02920-3717